We may not have it all together but together we have it all.

For anyone that knows my family, you know that last week was priceless. For the first time in over three years, all of us were home. Having two brothers in the military as well as my husband, our family is scattered all over the U.S. We all started out in Ohio and now range from Ohio to Mississippi to California and soon Greece when Jared leaves for his new shore duty station.
Remembering the moments from our time together is bringing me to tears as I write this post. Nothing will ever replace the time we spent all together. The older we all get the more I’m realizing just how blessed I am to be the oldest of the five kids in our family. I wouldn’t have always been able to say that. There were plenty of years when I would’ve been happy to trade in a sibling or two. But now, you’d have to fight me first to get to them.
Being a new momma myself, I’m learning just how priceless the time I spend with Gray is and will be as he continues to grow older. So I can only imagine in my new mom heart and mind how my mom felt last week having all of her kids home. I’m imagining her heart brimming with pride, love, joy, and straining to hold on to every minute as we laughed in the kitchen, drank coffee on the back patio and all nine of us sitting down at the dinner table.
Mom wasn’t alone in loving every minute of all of us under the same roof. Pretty sure my dad had the time of his life working on Jared’s truck with him, taking all his boys to the Speedway and taking many, many walks with his grandson. They’re hearts were full and it was such a blessing for me to watch and will be a cherished memory in my heart for the rest of my years.
Along with all of the laughter, yelling at each other, picking on and name calling, there were tears. When your whole family only gets together every few years, tears are to be expected. Tears and that hug that chokes you up, makes your heart skip a beat, fills your eyes with tears that you try so hard to hold in and lasts for as long as you can hold each other because you know that you don’t know when you’ll hug them next. You’d think after all these years that we’d grow to find these ‘see you laters’ easier to say. They’ll never get easier to say, they have however become normal and part of our routines as we say them often. Many were given and received as we all went our separate ways.
Needless to say, I of course had to get the whole gang over to Oak Hill Park so we could grab a couple family photos. So here’s a few to enjoy. We loved being all together as I’m sure you’ll see in these shots. Keep my family in your prayers, if you would. While there is a lot of exciting change going on in our lives, it’s still a struggle at times being so spread out. We embrace the military family life wholeheartedly and love our men in uniform. Yet there are many days, too many days if you ask me, that we spend apart from each other and that strain can overwhelm at times.
But we keep going, we keep smiling, we keep calling each other, we keep Skyping with one another as we keep saying, ‘see you soon’.